Monday, May 24, 2010

Pickwick Daddy Daughter Dance

Last night was the Pickwick Daddy Daughter Dance, an annual event held for the little girls in our homeschool group's Pickwick Society. This is a little club for girls 6 and up that meets twice each month to learn about homemaking and other fun "girly" skills like sewing, embroidery, soap-making, manners, old fashioned dancing, etc. We were all excited to dress up for this special event!

Here are the kids ready to go! I'm having problems with putting my finger in front of the flash and getting tons of photos that are half dark! Oops.

The girls wanted a special hairdo for the dance, so after a lot of hairspray and bobby pins, here are mommy's works of art on their heads!

The whole family at the dance. Gosh I look like my face is swelling...

All the girls and their daddies lined up and ready to be announcde and escorted to their tables

"My name is Steven and tonight I'm escorting my lovely daughters, Mary Clare and Ellie."

Daddy and his dates!

After dinner (too bad I didn't get photos of the beautiful place settings and food!), the girls started dancing away!

Practicing the Virginia Reel, which ended up needing to be split into 3 groups!

Ellie's group, she's dancing with her friend J

Mary Clare and Daddy were in another line

Steven Joseph did not want to dance, but also cried whenever Daddy or Mommy would try to dance, that is unless he was eating these veggie chip "fries" or playing with a helium balloon!

Ellie doing a little square dance with J

And another dance with precious Joseph!

Daddy and Mary Clare waltzing

Doing the chicken dance!

and the "official" pictures of Daddy and daughters

and the whole B family. What a fun night!


Kimberly said...

My handsome Daddy, and two very pretty little precious! I actually got a lump in my throat!

Those hairdos were beautiful way I could have done that!

Colleen said...

That looks like so much fun! The girls hair looks so gorgeous! I'm so impressed that you did that yourself!

Jill said...

Awwww. What great photos and great memories.
LOVE the red dresses on the girls, and super job on the hair!!!

MolleenCarie said...

How fun! You did a great job w/ the girls' hair!

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