Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday Events, Ballet Exams

We started off Mother's Day weekend with a trip to a new local Chick-fil-a that was offering free breakfast entrees for each person all week (our 2nd visit)! Then the girls had their ballet examinations. The studio they attend has exams at the end of each year to note their progress and assure they are ready for the next grade level. We did this at one of my ballet studios growing up, so I knew the drill and how to gel their hair nicely and add ribbons to their ballet shoes. Apparently exams are very common in dance studios in the UK and Australia, although they are really rare here (the owners of their studio are Australian).

The girls are dancing beautifully this year so we didn't really prepare for the exams, but I know they did great! In fact, awhile after Ellie's exam I noticed a lady gave her a hug and told her she did a good job. After asking Ellie about it later, it turned out the lady was her examiner. Made this mama's heart a little proud :)

We had planned to go to the beach after ballet exams but ended up deciding it would be better to wait until Sunday. So pictures from that will be forthcoming, once I get them from my mom! My iPhone beach photos all have my finger across them because I couldn't see the screen in the sunlight! The boys got haircuts while the girls were in their exams, and we also cleaned out the van on Saturday. A fun day! Here are the iPhonePhuzzyPhotos...

The girls in front of the studio before the exams

Ellie is all ready, with her slick bun, her nametag, and ballet shoes with ribbons! So cute!

Ellie (2nd from left) with some of the other "Beginners" who were also taking exams that morning. I think there were usually about 7 girls in there at a time.

Ellie after her exam, holding one of the roses that Daddy and Steven Joseph got for the girls.

Mary Clare was not such a willing photo-taker, but here she is with 2 of her friends before their exam.

MC, happy that exams are over!

Can you believe our van had this much junk in it? And a few things had already been taken inside! We're going to work on keeping toys and things out of the car, which never seems to improve, but I can always try, right! At least we can keep the coats out now :)

JoeJoe with his new summer 'do! Daddy has been wanting to get him a buzz since last summer and I finally consented. Apparently he did a great job at his first "real" haircut and sat perfectly still in Daddy's lap.

And before I forget it, I'll share a sweet little story from last night. We were lying in bed and I was asking Steven Joseph if he was still my baby.
"No, me big boy."
"Me almost a daddy."
We asked what he would do when he became a daddy.
"Me have job."
Then he was talking about how he would go fishing and have a big truck, LOL! Daddy gave him a high five after that one :)

Have a terrific Tuesday, friends!

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