Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snow Day!!!

All last week, the weather men were predicting snow on Friday. I've learned not to believe them on rain, snow, or shine. But as we went to bed Thursday night it really did seem likely that we were going to see snow the next day! On Friday we bundled up and went to First Friday classes amidst snow flurries :-) It seemed like much of the city was starting to shut down at lunchtime, schools and offices alike. We went to the grocery store, bought a turkey (we'll try to have our own Thanksgiving this week since we didn't have a "real" one in Oklahoma), and drove back home as more-than-flurries were now falling!

Here are the girls arriving home; hard to see much snow though.

We went inside to our cold house (heater was not working until today!!!), and played for a little while before heading to ballet class. Here's the house as we were leaving for ballet!

Friday night was deemed my Great Toy Purge of 2009! Took me 'till 2:00am! See the box in the entryway? It was overflowing with things to give away. And the playroom stayed clean...for about a day...

On Saturday I slept in and then went to Zumba class at the Y again. I went last Monday too, but before that I hadn't worked out in over a month! Hopefully I'll get back in the groove soon. I didn't feel too out of shape, but I am having some knee problems after my big fall during the garage sale prep. Seems to be doing much better though.

My family came over on Saturday afternoon, but this trio was cuddled up fast asleep. Aren't they sweet?

We went to Target and then to Luby's. A fun day!

Then the kids set out all our shoes for St. Nick! Notice the 3 sets of doll shoes lined up too!

He brought chocolate coins, candy canes, ponytail holders, a hot wheel car, and Nutcracker tickets for the girls and I!!!

It was a local dance studio Nutcracker (maybe next year we'll try the real Houston Ballet!) but was a great experience for the girls and I.

They spent the evening dancing around the house, while I cooked up a pasta dish, with that yummy baked broccoli, and some cookie dough which we'll use tomorrow...if I don't eat it all before then!

Have a great week and Happy St. Nicholas Day!


Melissa D. said...

the doll shoes lined up with the kids shoes, and the pic of the three sleepy cuddlers . . . precious! yeah for the toy purge. I did it a few months ago and now we are trying to a system where every time Connor gets a new toy he has to pick an equal sized toy to give to someone else. (sometime I succeed with this, sometime not) man they pile up.

Anonymous said...

Those doll shoes are just too adorable!!!!
Theresa in ALberta

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