Thursday, December 03, 2009

Small Successes

My small successes so far this week...

1. The tree is up! And the garland! Christmas books are out. Now I've got to find the outdoor decorations and figure out some kind of Jesse Tree/Advent Calendar thing to do.

2. Made it in the rain with all 3 kids to our big city-wide lighting celebration. Waited in line with wet feet for nearly an hour to get balloon animals and meet Santa!

Both girls asked for another American Girl doll...yikes!

3. I actually made a real dinner last night. Pioneer Woman's Homemade Chicken Strips with homemade mashed potatoes, corn, and fresh rolls (bought those frozen).


Young Mom said...

I'm hungry for your chicken nuggets. :) And great work getting decorated, no how do you get it to stay decorated? My toddlers have re-arranged my tree multiple times already.

Kimberly said...

Don't you just love The Pioneer Woman? Did you know she's going to be at Blue Willow Books here in Houston this Saturday at 1PM to sign copies of her new cookbook? I'm going!

Bev said...

Your tree and garland on the mantel look lovely. We are finally getting motivated to get things moving over here after the big Thanksgiving party and wedding weekend wiped our energy out. But of course the day we were going to get busy on decorating we get SNOW! So much for those intentions :) ...maybe tomorrow!

Bev said...

Oh, p.s., since you like The Pioneer Woman you have to check out Bridget's blog today (my cookie decorating queen)

...and Kimberly, I think I saw you in her pictures from the book signing!

(You may not remember me, we met at the Fullness of Truth conference in SA this summer.)

Jennifer said...

Your Christmas decorations look beautiful! And your children with santa... too cute! I see the photo of you and your husband with John Paul II... what an amazing experience that must have been!

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