Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

LOTS of pictures from Christmas...

Putting out "reindeer food" in the yard
and Santa's Little Helper

Christmas Eve was spent shopping
(we're always last-minute shoppers)
and out to eat Mexican food,
then home to watch the Nutcracker ballet
and quiet down in our PJs because...

St. Nick came to visit!

Christmas dream come true...
the American Girl Dolls!
(made in China, Steven likes to say)

Daddy showing Steven Joseph
how to dunk!
He loves his basketball hoop!

She wanted a mermaid,
loves her mermaid umbrella!

Mommy's Ped Egg for my cracking feet :)

Cinnamon Rolls with Baby Jesus
(in the center of the table)

Christmas morning mass was nice and quiet

Then on to grandparent house #1
Turkey dinner at NeNe and PaPa's
with Aunt Kathy

First of many American Girl (AG)
doll gifts, ballerina clothes!

and on to grandparent home #2
sleeping with AG "Elizabeth"

sleeping with "Emily"

All the girl cousins got AG dolls this year
Oh the fun they had last night!

A failed attempt at a cousin picture
11 kids under 8, including 4 toddlers
just not in the cards!

The chaos of present opening
The kids were told to "freeze"
so we could try to organize it a little better
also failed.

That's what you call 11 children
and 12 adults opening presents at the same time!

Ellie with her AG dog

MC opening an AG dress

And with her magnet dolls
(these are great, lasting paper dolls!)

SJ enjoying the taste of a microphone

And enjoying his new cow plates and silverware

what was left...boxes and bags everywhere.

Fun times making song videos with Aunt Jill
Then watching them on the laptop
You can see the glossy eyes...

What a fun-filled day, a wonderful Christmas! Last year's Christmas was spent at home relishing in the birth of our newborn Steven Joseph. This year we really got to enjoy the blessing of quality time with our families. We are so fortunate! And I'm so thankful everyone is feeling better now! Hope you all had a truly joy-filled Christmas too!


candyspirit said...

Amost beautirul Day! Loved the photos sleeping with the AG Dolls!
Love, Ne Ne and Pa Pa

Jill said...

Wow. I'm seeing 'Aslynn's' Emily all over the place today! :)
Aren't American Girls adorable and FUN!! Aslynn got Emily's little concert flute and music stand for Christmas. Just adorable. I am so glad I managed to get a girl, or my boys might just have had to get American Girls for Christmas anyway! ;)
(Oh, I just noticed the made in China thing the other day.)

Great pictures. What a load of fun with all of those little ones!

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