Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Home Tour

Faith and Family Live! is hosting a Christmas Home Tour. I'm so happy to participate!

Welcome to my home!

Here is the front door Christmas wreath
I had the wreath already
and bought the poinsettias, bells and ribbon
at the $1 store (so $3 total!)

Our Christmas corner!
The lovely pre-lit tree we got for free last year
from a kind craigslist lady,
garland made after reading
The Nester's garland tutorial!

Here's another view including
our little Nativity table
and all our fabulous Christmas books

Nativity table
And Christmas books lined up
(some of them are from the library)

Some of our favorites this year:
The Donkey's Dream,
The Legend of the Candy Cane,
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey,
Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury,
The Friendly Beasts,
and many more!

We continue to have so much fun
reading these beautiful books together!

Here's the Christmas corner
with dressed-up kids,
and after Santa's visit

Here's a little counter in our kitchen
with a Christmas picture of the girls,
1st birthday pictures of the baby,
a wonderful photo book made for his birthday,
a foam gingerbread house we made,
and some of our wooden Jesse Tree ornaments

The kitchen table with simple Advent wreath
(which can be put up now that Advent is over!)

a close-up of the wreath with the melted candles
from our hot Texas attic!

And our "new" (used/free) fridge,
covered with friends and family's
Christmas cards

All to remind us of this...

Christ is Born!

Merry Christmas to all!
Hope you enjoyed the tour,
and hope you'll come visit again!
Love, Blair :)


Jill said...

Lovely! It's such fun to see everyone's homes at Christmas time.

Regarding the tear duct...
The boys both had the surgeries at 14 months old. Marcus had both eyes done, and Bennett had one done. It was same day surgery, general anesthesia. The surgery was pretty quick, and they recovered pretty quickly as well. They just had to do some drops afterward for awhile- probably about a week. It worked really well. They only got goopy eyes after that when they got colds.

Henry STILL has a terribly goopy, clogged tear duct. The doctor here kept saying it would clear up by age one, and at 16 months that obviously has not happened. I am really dragging my feet on pursuing the surgery because we are here and not in the US. I have to ask my doctor back in the US how long we can wait, and then maybe have it done this summer when we are home for a vacation...but, he'll be 23 months then, and I think I heard you need to do it before age two.
Anyway, I guess the male children in my family have tear duct issues!

Let me know if you need any more info!

Lerin said...

I'm so impressed with your homemade $3 wreath! I paid $25 for mine, and truly it isn't any nicer than yours!!!

I hope you and your sweet famly had a wonderful Christmas. I always enjoy your blogs.

candyspirit said...

I love all the beautiful things you made for Christmas. What very special photos you have taken of all the family traditions!
Love, MOM

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