Monday, October 27, 2008

"The Zoo Boo" by Mary Clare and Ellie

We went to the zoo. The zoo was so fun.
Oh I can't wait to go there again!
There was some kind of festival thing going on.

The tigers were sleeping.

The apes were pretty red, kind of orangey.

The elephants are big and fun.
Mac has tusks now! Mac is getting very big.

We went to see the giraffes.
I wonder why the giraffes like pumpkins?
I saw them eating one.

I saw the meerkat that was on the lookout!

The bunnies were kind of by the flamingos, near the water.

We went to see the flamingos when we were start going to leave.
They were pretty pink!

Komodo dragons were cool. The last thing we saw were the zebras.
There was some kind of gazelle thingy at the zoo.

The end.

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