Friday, October 24, 2008

Technical Difficulties

If I appear to be MIA, or if I'm not responding to emails, please note that my internet connection is not working well, my home feels like another hurricane blew through, and I'm hoping to have a productive family weekend, to include a date-night to see "Fireproof" which I've heard is a wonderful movie about marriage! I'm also hoping to re-arrange the out-of-control schoolroom (If only I could upload my pictures right'd be horrified!), figure out costume plans for next weekend, and put away the weeks-worth of folded laundry. One thing that's good...this one's a no-birthday-party weekend, preceded by a double-birthday weekend and anticipating a double crazy weekend of Halloween and All Saints' Day next weekend! The busy holiday season approaches and likely won't calm down until 2009 begins! This weekend should be good for things like spending time at home...or at the beach or zoo...whatever happens to feel right tomorrow morning. I'm sensing I could be starting Monday off with the clothes still folded on the couches and the train wreck still covering the schoolroom. We'll see. Hope you all have a great one!

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