Saturday, October 04, 2008

Our Austin Getaway

(warning, LOTS of pictures!)

After Roxy's shower the girls got to see Devin and Katie's backyard chickens!

Checking for eggs! So much fun!

Our little "twins", Steven Joseph and Veronica's Fernando Isaac both 9 months old!

Veronica reading "Angel in the Waters" to the kids

Girls getting their schoolwork done!


IKEA fun!

Even enjoying IKEA in the bathroom ;) Lest I forget how crazy it is to use public restrooms with 3 young children...strollers or shopping carts, diaper changes, tooshie-wiping, nursing, hand-washing, water's like an Olympic sport! Today at the park we spent about 20 minutes at the public restroom...4 different restroom visitors!

Somehow the girls scrounged around my wallet to find 50 cents to ride this "airplane" at the outlet mall

The fountain at the outlet mall

The cardboard coloring castle, "De Colores" as Mary Clare named it!

Playing with Math-U-See blocks

SJ finds another friend his age

Backyard fun at the E family home, where we got to send farewell wishes to the H family as they prepared to leave for their new family mission in Nicaragua with their 3 young children and one in-utero. Please pray for them!

The girls on the patio by the restaurant where we had lunch in nearby Georgetown

Baby boys having fun!


The last day we found a big festival in Georgetown, a wagon trail ride adventure. Here are the girls next to a teepee.

Campfire cooking!


The San Gabriel River

And the fun park there! My cute kiddos posing for the camera before we head back to pack up and go home!

Thanks again, Roxy, for hosting us for such a long visit. We had a wonderful time and appreciate you opening your house to the big bunch of kiddos! All our love and prayers, especially as you await baby's arrival!


candyspirit said...

Such fun and wonderful memories!
Thank you for sharing!
Love, Mom

Kristen said...

How fun! How do you do all of that?! I think I would be crazy!

B-Mama said...

Blair, so glad to see that you all have come out of this disaster with good friendship, great support, and smiles to go with it all! The kids look great... And I so enjoyed catching up on your cry room reflection. Thank you for vulnerably writing from your heart--I feel like I could have composed the same thoughts right now. Life with small children is really difficult... and I SO crave them to be older and more rational. Yet I know I should never wish away any moment with these precious gifts from God! So tough!

Thanks be to God for His Love and Patience with me when I have none of my own! :) Blessings...

Roxanna said...

You are welcome Blair! It was a fun week- I didn't know you took all those pictures!
Thanks for your good wishes and prayers! =)

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