Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend fun

Steven Joseph had his first trip to the park yesterday!

Mary Clare, master of the monkey bars!

and duck-chaser

watching the ducks on this gorgeous day

Big Steven holding little Steven in the "daddy hold"

Ellie swinging high!

Mary Clare, rock climber

Baby back at home

Cutie Stevie--He seems to have grown a LOT this week!

Daddy and his kiddos at the ranch today!

Mary Clare giving toys to the baby, such a great big sis!


Anonymous said...
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Em said...

What is it that is so endearing about men holding babies?!!! I love those shots! Steven is such a good dad.

Jill said...

He is chubbing up! How cute.
Love the Daddy hold. Paul has a characteristic baby hold that I just love. ;)

Andrea said...

Sweet family! Your little guy is SO cute and looks like you!!!

Shelly said...

I love LOVE how he's so intent on watching his big sister. So beautiful.

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