Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hannah who?

When Steven asked Mary Clare if she knew who Hannah Montana was:

"Yeah! She's the girl who lives next to Aunt Jill."

I'm sure she'll learn about her soon enough (as she learned about Bratz dolls recently), but hopefully it's more later than sooner :-/


Lindsey said...

I watched a bit of the show last night at like 11pm (I guess they were running reruns). I had never seen it before. In my opinion, it was AWFUL! I'm surprised that so many of my Catholic friends talk about it as though it is a given that all of our girls (age 7ish) watch it. I didn't think Hannah was nice at all in that episode. Maybe she was having a really bad day and she is usually a better role model...but I'm just saying. Wow. I thought it would be a little more sweet than that, from everything I've heard about it.

Neen said...

We have avoided the Bratz dolls but love Hannah Montana. I can not say that we look at her as a role model. I think often the character is pushy and can be disrespectful. What I like about the show is that Hannah always seams to learn from her mistakes. I have older teens. It is one of the few shows that the mom has died and there is not a divorce. We do watch it as a family so we can talk about the good and bad. The music isn't bad, not great musically but not bad morally. Just my $.02.

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