Monday, July 23, 2007

Uneventful Weekend

Thank you for all the well wishes on our Anniversary! We had a nice day, just the girls and us, playing at home, going to the pool and out to eat. I did make it to Confession that morning, although I couldn't figure out the code to the Adoration chapel, and felt really overwhelmed with just how huge our parish is! It was a beautiful experience, as always, of Christ's healing. I also found a church rummage sale on the way, where I bought the book "Brown Bear" and a train set for the girls and all their boy friends who come over to find only a few "boy" toys. I'll have to video Ellie reading Brown Bear; too cute!

We did have a little "date" last night to mass alone while my parents took the girls to the pool. It was so nice sitting still and quiet in the front row without worrying about what the girls were doing the whole time. I commented afterwards what a great homily it was and how it had been awhile since I'd heard a good homily...then commenting that it had been awhile since I'd heard a homily at all! Yes, it's hard to concentrate on mass with the young children, but as Catholics I am also thankful that the mass is about so much more than my ability to concentrate. There are graces and a truly miraculous encounter with Christ (in the Eucharist) that is much, much greater than I can ever fathom.

Teaching my children the importance of mass by going each week and explaining things to them, is my state in life right now and I am privileged to have this opportunity. I know many people can get frustrated in mass with children (including myself, Friday daily mass was one of those times!), but I try to find the joys and the blessings they bring to all of us...Ellie's little genuflection (kneeling before the tabernacle) each time we enter the pew, Mary Clare's sweet time of silent prayer as she kneels and folds her hands, Ellie's comments of "BELLS! JESUS!" at the Consecration, and Mary Clare's questions about the readings and what is going on. I pray that we are teaching them to love the mass and love Christ through our own lives.

Sitting in that little church in the Hill Country of Kyle, Texas six years ago we could have never imagined how our lives would change in the coming years. Lots of changes, lots of growth, lots of joys, lots of struggles, and lots of blessings have filled our days. And most especially these 3 little souls who dwell with us now but were only then a twinkle in our eyes and in the eyes of God.


Jill said...

Glad you had a nice anniversary weekend. Kids at mass are...well, everything you said! One of my two-year-olds started repeating everything the priest said in his homily yesterday. I was getting a little weary of asking him to whisper instead of shouting out choice words from the homily. But, I was also happy that he was actually tuning in to what was going on in the mass. Paul and I always say, "Maybe when they're three..." And then I always add, "And then we'll probably have another little one." :) Well, Jesus loves the little children. Even the noisy ones at mass!

B-Mama said...

Someone said to me once of children's cries during Mass: "Let them make a joyful noise unto the Lord." How much it has blessed me since... Your reflections, as always, were beautiful to read, Blair. Thank you and hugs, B :)

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