Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mary Clare's Birthday Party

About the paint, we decided to leave the "golden" color for the time being. We're painting the fireplace a lighter creamy version and I think it will look better when furniture is in. New carpet is coming in tomorrow and we'll slowly finish painting over the coming weeks and months. Thanks for your input, everyone!

We FINALLY celebrated Mary Clare's 4th birthday with all the family today; everyone was healthy, praise God! It was such a blessing to have everyone over to our new house. It was a Tea Party Birthday and as you can see, the cousins really enjoyed pouring grape juice into all the little teacups. Thankfully that carpet goes tomorrow ;-) It was a beautiful day even amidst the cold, rainy weather. No snow here in Texas, sadly.

We should have continuous internet starting Monday, so I'll be on a little more and post some pics as we move our furniture in. May you all have a beautiful week!


Roxanna said...

Yay!!! Mary Clare looks beautiful and healthy! =)

Kristen Laurence said...

Happy Birthday, Mary Clare! Now, where did your mama find that cute dress you're wearing?! :)

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday Mary Clare!!!

Blair said...

Kristen, dress was a $5.99 find over a year ago at the resale store...the only place I can afford the gorgeous smocked dresses! I had to totally bribe her to wear it though, she did NOT want to put it on. Yes, I'm so glad the girls are healthy, but my poor mom got the stomach bug fun!

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