Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Homeowners!

We are officially homeowners! I'm so excited to move into our first house! We have been very blessed.

Rash is still around; I may see a doctor tomorrow. It comes and goes and we're wondering if it could be a food allergy. I'm weaning off the Benedryl :-/

Only sad part today was not getting to call the one friend I wanted to share our exciting news with, since she's settling into a new country! I know this time will be very fruitful for their beautiful family, but we sure miss them already :-(

Now I can finally send out our very belated Christmas/New Year's card/letter/picture to all our friends and family so they can have our new address!


Lillian said...

Hey good idea!!! I might get my cards out afterall!! ;-)

Roxanna said...

Oh...and we already miss them too!

Blair said...

Yeah, Lillian, it's not too late! You can send a "Happy New Year, Here's our New Address" card like me!

Roxy, we'll have to have a missing Vero & Kike party, but thanks to you we'll all get to see them this summer, yay!

Colleen Rudolph said...

Congratulations Blair! What a beautiful house!! I'm sure you and your family will make many wonderful memories in it over the years. Welcome back!

aunt jill said...

Congrats Steven and Blair!!! How very very exciting :) Can't wait to see the new home.

Ruth said...

What a beautiful house!!! I love the rocks in front of it. That flower bed is incredible.


Aunt Katie said...

So pretty! Lots of wonderful memories to come! Such a pretty yard, I am sure the girls will love to dance around the flower bed on the rocks!
When you you move in? K

Blair said...

We move in tomorrow! Most everything has already been moved to the garage since we had to get out of our duplex in December. So it'll be a pretty easy move. So excited! Thanks for the congratulations everyone :)

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