Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

But nobody is snoring! Here's how Steven left for class this morning, braving the "monsoon":

And I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of my ball-loving daughter:

And my doll-loving daughter:


Melissa said...

Oh, how PRECIOUS!!! Is that a little sling she's wearing?

Blair said...

Yes, I got a free kid sling with one of my slings! And as you see, Ellie is pushing her soccer ball like it's a baby...too funny!

Melissa said...

Too cute! Ellie is so clever to push her ball like that! If only my kids would play so sweetly...they think that every toy ball must be thrown--indoors, outdoors, it's all the same to them!

Lillian said...

Cute! Cute!! Cute!!!

Mary Claire looks like me during my grocery shopping with all mine (except for the smile that is!!)

Anonymous said...

Aren't those child-sized-slings wonderful???! My girls each have one and we look quite the sight walking around the neighborhood each with a sling....and each with a stroller! Cuz you can't just have one or the HAVE to have BOTH! BTW...I tagged you for the 10 Random Facts Meme!

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