Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Two Weeks of Peter

Our sweet baby boy turned 2 weeks yesterday! We're loving life with a baby again, even through the sleepless nights and nursing issues. He's quite a little love and we have lots of helpers who like to hold him and lots of friends bringing meals and wishing us well. We are blessed.


 Best Christmas Gift!

Godparents and family are moving to east Texas tomorrow, for a few years! We will miss them!

Katie always wants to hold him while he's crying...

I planned to just send the big girls in for a few groceries. Instead, I was convinced to take everyone into HEB at 9pm. My first time driving since the surgery. This crazy life!

Peter went to my checkup this morning. He didn't behave very well!

But he had a good long nap when we got home, and he was making the funniest faces while ASLEEP!

And a couple shots from pictures I was taking for our Christmas card...

We love our little Petey! 

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