Friday, December 30, 2016

Peter Edward's Christmas Eve Baptism

All of our previous babies have been baptized within the first two weeks, so I was a little disappointed that we would have to wait until Peter was 3.5wks to have him baptized due to scheduling conflicts at our parish. But as our pastor shared when we first began the ceremony, he could think of no better day than the eve of Our Lord's Nativity to baptize a new baby! So true...what a meaningful day to celebrate and welcome this new member of the Catholic Church.

We were joined by many family friends, plus a set of grandparents and Steven's brother's family. Our friends the M family acted as proxies since the G family (godparents to all of our children) could not attend. Our friends the A family also participated with their new baby Anna, who was baptized as a preemie in the hospital, but completed the rite with us that day. It was a beautiful sacrament, with such deep and rich prayers for Peter and for us. The best gift this Christmas!

Peter wore the gown his brothers wore, purchased by their godmother after the other family gown had been damaged.

He wasn't crazy about getting his diaper changed and big slip and gown put on!

Poor baby!

He finally calmed down a bit with the pacifier, and then I fed him which put him to sleep for the whole of the ceremony! He was a perfect little angel.

The ceremony begins

Moving to the area of the baptismal font (a bit cramped so photography was hard for MC)

Peter in the "daddy hold!"

Being baptized!!!

And being anointed

His baptismal candle lit from the Easter candle

We moved into the Holy House Chapel to pray their first prayers to Our Lady, and consecrate our sweet babies to the Mother of God.

Parents and babies with Fr. Hough

Our family with Fr Hough

Grampatti and BopBop with Peter

With his biggest sister!

Our beautiful baptized boy!!!

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