Friday, June 03, 2016

Swim Team 2016

Steven Joseph and Thomas are doing the neighborhood swim team this year. This is Steven's 3rd year to swim (1st year was in Corpus Christi), and Thomas' 1st! We are very proud of both the boys, especially Thomas who was barely swimming at the beginning of the season. He made his first swim across the pool on the Thursday before the practice meet, just in time! Here are some photos of the practice meet and first regular season meet...

Little sis eating her breakfast of champions!

Thomas gearing up for his first (and only) event at the practice meet!

We are so proud of our precious neighbor, Lauren!

The photo is fuzzy, but I think this was my favorite moment of the season, with everyone cheering her on and congratulating her for making it across!

Steven's turn

Best buddies

1st real season meet!

There was a problem with the diving blocks, so the jumped off the side this time.

Leaping Lauren!

Katie loves her Lala!

Loving their snacks from Nene and Papa!

Mama didn't make the 2nd season meet, since it was the day of the baseball championship. We missed the 3rd meet while we were in Florida, and the 4th meet is on the day of the girls' ballet recital, so I probably won't make that one either. Looking forward to the last home meet next weekend!

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