Friday, June 24, 2016

Florida 2016, Disney Day 1, Epcot!

Our trip started on a Monday evening, after ballet classes were over. We hit the road around 7pm and rolled into a hotel in Louisiana around 12:30am. I wouldn't recommend it! The next day was a full day of driving from Walker, Louisiana to Orlando, Florida.

We left the La Quinta on Tuesday around 6:45am and got to our hotel in Orlando around 7:00pm. That gave us a couple hours to check out the resort (Wyndham Bonnet Creek), do some swimming, order some dinner, and some of the kids went back to the room to try to watch the fireworks at Epcot (not a great view). We went to bed around 10pm and woke early, grabbed some breakfast snacks at the hotel store, and got to Epcot a little after 8am for their 9am opening!

Here's the resort. The hotel is towards the right, surrounded by the vacation condo towers. There were about 5 pools, some with lazy rivers, some with slides, and one with a big pirate ship! Wish we had more time to enjoy the resort!

We got in line around 8:20 and they opened the park gates around 8:45. Steven and the 4 oldest kids went straight to Test Track, while I took Katie to look around.

We all dressed in our Aggie gear!

She'd been so excited about meeting Mickie and Minnie, but wasn't so sure once we actually got up close!

We did find a playground that was shaded and just her size!

This time of year was the Epcot Flower and Garden festival. Beautiful flowers everywhere!

And even a little butterfly pavilion!

After the big kids did Test Track and Mission Space, and we all went to Turtle Talk and checked out The Seas.

We ate lunch at Sunshine Seasons food court in The Land area (where we were sad to miss Soarin' this year; it was under construction). We did get to see a neat 4D Pixar film festival.

As the hot afternoon came upon us, we headed off to the world showcase section of Epcot. We enjoyed the boat ride in Mexico and watched a 360 degree film in China. I think this world showcase section of Epcot might be best suited for evening, when the heat isn't so bad (it wasn't open in the morning).

Thomas was wiped out and got a nice afternoon siesta!


The kids enjoyed watching a little train exhibit.

Daddy had been craving ice cream and I read that the best was in France. The line was long but it was good! Around this time we also watched a movie in the America section, although I think a few of us took a little nap :)

Wish we could've gotten some of these sweet French treats!

We started heading back towards the front to ride Spaceship Earth and let the big kids go on Test Track again.  A few times.

Somebody was getting a little cranky!

By the phone booths in the UK.

The evening came quickly and it was time to go find a spot to watch the firework show! We were the last people allowed in to grab food at the Liberty Inn (counter service in America of the world showcase), and we set up camp to watch the show!

Katie looks peaceful in the photo below, but I think that was the first burst before she started hysterically crying. She did NOT like the firework shows!

We hiked back to the front and even got to witness and photograph an engagement!

It was a fun day in Epcot! We were able to take it slow, and we really enjoyed the rides in the Future World section. I'd been looking forward to checking out all the countries in the World Showcase, but honestly it was so hot and there wasn't really a whole lot to see that was indoors. The Norway ride was closed and the kids were tired of the films. But we liked the Mexico boat ride and the aquariums in The Seas. We had a great time overall and definitely went to bed looking forward to our final Disney day at Magic Kingdom the next morning!

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