Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thomas is Five, and an Afternoon at the Zoo!

Thomas William turned 5 years old yesterday! He wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday, so after Mass on Sunday, we hit our favorite Italian restaurant with lunch buffet (his favorite...pizza!) and went on to spend a few hours at the zoo! He's been to the zoo a few times, but he was too young to remember. And now he is our resident animal lover, so he was in his element!!!

The Komodo dragon is his favorite! He still can't stop talking about it. And he was so excited that Daddy let him make a penny coin keepsake with the Komodo dragon on it!

So happy I was able to get a photo of this sweet brother moment.

We decided to have a birthday breakfast before Daddy left for work, so Thomas could open his presents! His best buddy Andrew was able to come over too!

Thomas got a microscope, a remote control jeep, a shark lego set, and a laser game and reptile book from Andrew! Plus Ellie made him some really fun craft things, like a disk shooter made from cardboard and rainbow loom bands, and an egg with playdough inside and a hidden dinosaur. So sweet.

They had fun playing with his toys all day, and the girls even made him a science lab in the closet! He went to his co-op class with Andrew, but wanted to come home and play instead of going on a field trip.

After the girls came home from ballet, and Daddy grilled some chicken (and dove) to go with our pasta, we finally got out his cake, which he decorated with the new legos! It melted a little sitting out the night before.

It is so fun watching you learn about the world and God's creatures. You are like a sponge that soaks up facts and enjoys sharing them with everyone! You are focused and determined, and are doing very well with schoolwork and piano. You are so excited to start working in the Atrium on Sunday mornings again. May God speak to your heart in those precious moments and the times we spend together in His presence. May you always know His abundant love and mercy!

(P.S. Baby sister loved the cake and wore her sea creature romper in his honor!)

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