Monday, July 06, 2015

What we've been up to...

I realized I hadn't posted iPhone/Instagram pics since May. I definitely update on Instagram with our day-to-day goings-on, and I'm printing them out in Chatbooks, but it's nice to record things here too. We've had a busy and eventful summer so far. I can't really summarize it, so I'll just share through these collages and I'll be back soon with better photos from specific events and a few words...

Top row: Katie eating pizza, Ellie sneaking away from schoolwork, Katie getting into dog food, and the boys working hard to finish their school year.
2nd row: Kids at the farm listening to MC tell about trying to capture a fawn, Ellie and Katie at the mall play land, Katie playing in the rainwater, and three kids camped out in the hallway since they didn't want to sleep in their rooms that night.
3rd row: Heading into Sunday Mass, taking their food drive items to the local food pantry, watching the piano tuner, and Tommy and me with Leo sitting by our heads!
4th row: Procession on Corpus Christi Sunday, MC reading to Katie, our fence in summertime, and Katie at Chuy's

Top Row: Family at the Symphony, and Katie at the Symphony for the Disney concert, my new Dansko shoes, Katie in the windowsill in her new dress
2nd row: the girls, the girls and Steven ready for Daddy Daughter dance, the boys going with me and baby out to Cane's that night, and my blondie girls at a BBQ restaurant after a farm day
3rd row: beekeepers, honey harvesting, Father's Day, and Ellie after brunch
4th row: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Training day 1, the mini altar at the training, a night swimming with friends, and having a little fire for the Eve of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Top row: kids playing clay together happily, Katie at the training playing with beans, Katie eating Mexican food, and Katie at the hospital while visiting my dad
2nd row: playing piano, playing dress-up with cousins, Katie in skinny jeans, and playing birthday party with cousins
3rd row: Food Truck place soft-opening on the 3rd, coloring with cousins, heading to the symphony (Steven with one on back and one on shoulders! Superdad!), and parade on the 4th
4th row: Steven sitting in the shade at the parade, my babies on the 4th, wagon rides in a church parking lot waiting for...fireworks! Happy 4th!

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