Monday, July 06, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance

One blessing of living back in the area is that our family has been able to join back into the homeschool clubs that our group had started just as we were moving away. Our homeschool group had gotten so big that we could no longer find suitable meeting locations to allow the entire group to have things like Little Flowers, Blue Knights, preschool groups, etc. So the moms split everyone into smaller local groups to form clubs for the different age groups. Most of them fizzled out, but the one we were a part of has continued. They have Blue Knights and Dangerous Boys clubs as well as the Pickwick Society for the girls. We meet twice monthly for outdoor lessons and crafts for the boys, and indoor crafts and liturgical tea parties for the girls.

They had a fancy Daddy Daughter Dance on Thursday, June 18 at a local country club. It sounds like they had a fabulous time! Here are some photos from before the dance.

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