Monday, January 26, 2015

The Mall with Five

Last weekend we spent most of our Saturday at the place where most would consider it torture to take five children...the mall!  Steven needed to find some work clothes, and I had gift to find and a few things to get for the kids, and once we were there walking around, we just kept going...and going...

They actually did pretty well overall. Thomas just had maybe one half hour sob fest (and middle of the mall flail on the floor and continually block my stroller) after I made him leave the Apple Store!  I'm trying to take my camera to different spots to work on getting a photo each day and improving my photography this year.

The kids in the waiting area by the men's dressing room! 

Tommy enthralled in the Lego Store...

The boys headed off for more boyish places like Academy for baseball gear, and we headed over to Barnes & Noble for just a little more shopping there, followed by a quick Costco run! I don't think I've shopped again since that day! I'm in shopping recovery mode :)

These girls are getting so big...

Outings like this are exhausting, but it's fun to be out and about with our crazy crew!

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Your daughters are so cute (and sons too). I'm impressed with your girls' fashion sense too.:)

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