Friday, February 28, 2014

On your baptism day...

Our precious Katherine Maria Grace,

Today you received the great gift of Christ and the Church, the sacrament of Baptism at nine days old. We had a small but beautiful ceremony at Annunciation Church in Houston. Every part of this rite is so meaningful. 

We started at the entrance of the church under the huge crucifix, presenting you by name and asking the church for baptism. We accepted responsibility for raising you in the faith and the godparents committed to help us in this duty. We each traced a cross on your forehead to claim you for Christ our Savior. 

We all moved towards the sanctuary and Father read the Gospel reading, which was from Mark 10, "Let the little children come unto me."  Father gave a nice homily, encouraging us as Christian parents as we live out our faith. We prayed intercessory prayers for you to live out your Christian call, and we invoked the holy saints to pray for us. 

You were anointed with oil on your chest and then we moved to the baptismal font where the water was blessed, as we were reminded of the waters of creation, the great flood, the parting of the Red Sea, and the waters of the Jordan where Christ was baptized. Such beautiful symbolism! Then we all professed our faith and baptismal promises. You were then baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit as you screamed and cried!

We moved to the altar area where you were anointed with chrism as priest, prophet, and king. Then you were given your baptismal candle, lit from the Easter candle as a reminder to always walk as a child of the light. Your ears and mouth were blessed that you might hear God's word and proclaim his faith. Then we all prayed the Lord's Prayer and we as your mother and father received a special blessing before the rite ended.  

I look forward to sharing the photos we took once we can load them from the camera. Father Paul Felix was the celebrant, your Godfather Enrique was there, and our friend Jackie stood in as proxy for your Godmother Veronica. Patrick assisted Father as an altar server, and Mary Clare took most of the photos. Both sets of grandparents attended, along with the O. family, and my childhood friend Elizabeth and her son came as well. You wore my grandfather's baptismal gown which your sisters also wore at their baptism. It is around 110 years old and was altered after some accidental damage was done to it several years ago. You looked like a little angel!

We went to our traditional Skeeter's restaurant afterwards and were joined by more aunts, cousins, and friends for dinner and cake. Aunt Mary, Aunt Paige and their kids, cousin Mark and his girlfriend, and my good friend Michele and her family all stopped in to meet you and visit for awhile, along with daddy's parents and the O. family who came from the ceremony. You slept the entire time we were there, but we all enjoyed passing you around and visiting together. We got a beautiful cake from RJ Goodies, and the girls had helped my parents make a centerpiece with candy favors for everyone. It was a glorious afternoon and I know we all felt blessed and loved to be able to celebrate this sacrament so quickly after your arrival and to share it with friends and family. 

May you always walk as a child of the light,
May you keep the flame of faith alive in your heart,
When The Lord comes, may you go out to meet him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom. 


Catherine said...

So beautiful. Congratulations Bailey family! I'm sorry we couldn't be there today. You were in our prayers this afternoon.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!!! We always eat at Skeeters after church ;)

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