Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Monday Musings and Weekly Wandering Plans

Just realizing this never posted on Monday. Oops! I'll try again. Annoying phone blogging...

Another week begins! I've made it to 35 weeks and we had a great first week in the Houston area! We kept busy last week with ballet classes, a birthday party, and time with family. We had to move out of our cabin on Friday morning (it was already booked for this week) and then we headed across town to spend the weekend with Steven's family. The kids enjoyed cousin time, had pizza parties, Superbowl sign-making, Candlemas at the downtown church, and a Superbowl party! I got to rest quite a bit with Daddy here, and also got to run some errands alone on Saturday.

This week will be one of my biggest challenges of our stay here. Today we will move from Steven's sister's garage apartment to my parents' house, Wednesday we will head to a friend's and then Saturday evening we should be able to get back into the cabin and settle for almost a month! Tomorrow we'll celebrate my birthday and we also plan to continue the ballet classes this week, plus a big homeschool group Valentines party on Friday. Can I survive? Can we keep baby inside for another two weeks? Let's hope so!

To do:
-Pack up this morning and clean apartment
-Mail Steven's tablet that he forgot this morning 
-Injection at doctor office
-Pick out a cake at my favorite RJ Goodies!
-Ballet classes
-Finish Valentines
-Birthday plans
-HOMESCHOOL (modified). We did great last week, but I'm afraid these moves will make things a bit difficult this week!

And some iPhone photos...

Lunch at Fudruckers with NeNe and PaPa last week

Boys playing at the ballet school. We've really enjoyed being back, and felt so welcomed by our friends at the Christian ballet school. 

Friday afternoon was cousin time! They loved playing outside, Tommy is obsessed with the motorized police car!

Mommy resting in the lovely garage apartment on Saturday. 

And I got to have my favorite solo lunch at LaMadeleine. 

After Sunday morning Mass, we went out for BBQ and drove by the neighborhood where Steven grew up. This is the lot where his house was...the houses on his street have mostly all been torn down to build new ones. But their old leaning tree is still there!

The boys playing with a cousin at the Superbowl party

More Superbowl

They surprised me with singing and some early birthday gifts, but the cupcakes were all gone so I blew out a scented candle!

The cousins wanted to stay and watch Indiana Jones, but alas it was a school/work night so we had to pull them away!

It was a great week and weekend and we're truly blessed to be spending this "Baby Wait" with all our family and friends!

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Unknown said...

“The kids enjoyed cousin time, had pizza parties, Superbowl sign-making…” – This was really a great week! I'm sure they really got a kick out of spending time with each other and having pizza parties! It's sad to think that after this wonderful time, you had to face your to-do list. In all of your task I think the packing and cleaning is the real challenge. How is it and the move, btw?

Shaun @ vocellipizza.com

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