Monday, January 20, 2014

Walt Disney World 2013, Day 5--Magic Kingdom (last day!)

Finally, at 4+ months after our trip,
I am finally sharing our final day at Disney!
All the days found here under "Disney" label.

We spent our last day at the Magic Kingdom.
We got there around 9:30am and tried to find some breakfast snacks on Main Street
(couldn't quite find what we were looking for, though).

We started off in Adventureland and headed to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

Next was Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride.

 Look at Tommy's face.  I think this was his favorite ride!  We rode it a few times.

The big kids wanted to ride the roller coasters again,
so Tommy and I stopped to rest and cool off in a restaurant.
He wasn't happy about leaving the carpet ride!

Splash Mountain!

We ate lunch at a quick service restaurant, Columbia Harbor House, which was a favorite.
They offer fried fish and fried chicken, plus some yummy drinks and desserts.

We headed next door to the Hall of Presidents,
a show that includes every US president.

There always seems to be a show going on at the castle!

The kids all enjoyed the Raceway with Daddy, while Mommy watched from the shade.

We went on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.
Here are pictures of the pictures they took of us.

Our last "ride" that morning was the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.
It was similar to the Turtle Talk at Epcot, where the animated cartoons
actually talk to the audience like a live comedy act.  I think we
enjoyed Turtle Talk a little better, but they were both fun.

Then we headed back to the front to head to the hotel for a mid-day break.

We stopped at the Confectionery to use some snack credits.  Yum!

Chocolate covered strawberry

Candy container with a spinning airplane on top

And a cake pop for Mommy!

 Walking back to our room

After resting, and the big kids taking a dip in the pool with Steven,
we went back to the Magic Kingdom around 4:30
We went to Mickey's Philharmagic again (one of my favs),
and then the carrousel.

And finally it was time for the big surprise of the week,
Our final dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table, IN THE CASTLE!
First we got to meet Cinderella!

Then we waited for them to call us up for dinner.

It was a lovely meal and they even brought swords for the boys and magic wands for the girls.
They also came and brought our photos from downstairs up to our table.

The lighting wasn't the best, and my camera wasn't cooperating, so the photos aren't great,
but it was a lovely restaurant.

Snow White

Tommy liked Jasmine!

Sleeping Beauty Aurora

Ariel from the Little Mermaid

And a couple photos of our desserts.

What a fun dinner and a very exciting last day we had.
We rode the Teacups as our last ride, and then headed
to scope out a spot to watch the Firework show.
I took the kids individually to do some shopping while
Daddy held our spot near the castle.

It was a very cool Laser and Firework Show!
And we were glad to have some glow sticks to play with while we waited.

Mary Clare wanted to have her profile cut-out done on the way out.

We were impressed!

We had some tired kids that night and it was very hard to wake up early
for the bus to take us to the airport the next morning.

A couple shots of our room

Tired kids and Daddy with coffee, awaiting our golf cart ride that didn't show up!

And a final shot of our crew at the airport.  Bye Bye, Disney!
Until we meet again!

This trip was definitely a dream come true.  I couldn't believe it actually came together,
no one got sick, and I handled everything pretty well
considering I was about 14 weeks pregnant.
It was such a fun family vacation experience,
and we can't wait to visit again with our baby girl one day!

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