Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday Motivation

Let's start with a belly pic from what I wore on Sunday...
Getting bigger and bigger! I'm 31 weeks and out of breath all the time. Mass can be exhausting and the stuffiness of the churches (and often the incense) makes me feel light headed. So I'm not singing in the choir anymore but am enjoying these final weeks with my boys, before my body and mind will be devoted to our new baby girl! We didn't do anything special for the Epiphany, although the girls are really wanting to bake a cake. Steven took Steven Joseph on a hunt with his boss last night and on Saturday we saw our first family movie together, Frozen! The boys had never been to the movie theater! It was a good weekend. 

Today we started back to homeschool and it actually went pretty well, all things considered. We even had a special visitor in the late morning. I was reading the kids a Nativity storybook when all of a sudden there was a nun at the front door bearing Christmas cookies for our family!  Apparently my kind husband paid for the nuns' items at Hobby Lobby last weekend when I was home sick, and I guess they asked everyone's names. Somehow they found out where we live and came to deliver this sweet Epiphany gift to thank him!

I dropped the girls at ballet and Steven is picking them up now. I think it's probably best I do drop offs the next few weeks because wrangling the boys at the dance studio tends to make me feel bad in the evenings. So I came home and made a nice dinner of chicken and rice, while the boys have some Netflix time and Mary Clare is likely getting her pointe shoes checked so she can put ribbons on and wear them later this week!

We'll have about three more weeks here until we head to Houston for the baby wait. So I'm going to write down a few goals for these weeks!

1. Confirm lodging arrangements for the Baby Wait. Also, make furniture and packing lists.
2. Complete 3 weeks of homeschool and pack up books to take with us. 
3. Co-Op planning day tomorrow for the new semester. Make sure all is taken care of for my absence. 
4. 4-H Livestock show entries due next Monday.
5. Purchase a few baby items needed (car seat, etc), and pack up the things we need to bring with us (clothes, blankets, diapers, etc)
6. Register Steven Joseph for t-ball, decide on piano lesson plans for January, and pay for January ballet. 
7. Godchildren birthdays coming up and I didn't send anything for Christmas either. 
8. Take down Christmas decorations. Our tree is drooping badly!
9. Rest!
10. Meal plans this week: chicken and rice, roast and potatoes, leftovers, and that's about all I've got so far!

I think the crew is back so it's time to eat!
More Sunday outfits at Fine Linen and Purple:


Anonymous said...

What a sweet Epiphany gift! Prayers for you during these last weeks of pregnancy, Blair. :)

Neen said...

I want to keep one carseat from the twins just in case but you are welcome to the other one. They are just a year and a half old. I still have the baby inserts.

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