Sunday, August 04, 2013

What I wore Sunday

Happy Sunday!  Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  I am finally feeling like I can take a deep breath, and move forward with hope into the month of August.  July was a month totally focused on this new little baby and finding the right medical care for us.  Now I've decided on a doctor, and although he's located over four hours from here, I feel a great peace with the decision.  I've pretty much finished my homeschool book purchases (I did make it to the vendor hall at the convention on Thursday; thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids!), and we have plans to start ballet and our homeschool group activities this month (play days, 4-H, and our new co-op).  Yay for August!

As for the outfit, I have two knee-length flowy skirts like this, and the cut of this one doesn't appear very flattering here.  Oh well, it was cool for a hot morning.  I think the skirt was from Dillard's or Macy's, and the shirt is a wrap-style from Target.  Jewelry from my mom as usual, and my fun Easter sandals that you can't see in the grass.  I wore biker shorts underneath in case of a wind gust, which was helpful, but also too tight for my liking! 

I think I'll be moving into maternity clothes in the next month or so.  Especially if I'm going to keep buying things like Blue Bell Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream like today!  Actually my favorite food is Hawaiian shaved ice from a little shack by our HEB grocery store.  It is so good.  So much for all my hard work with the MyFitnessPal app.  Guess I'll have to start that one again come next spring!  I hope to continue ballet classes though to at least have some kind of exercise.  At this point, I'm just trying to stay out of the bed during the day.  I am so utterly exhausted.  Only 4 more weeks until our big vacation and until I break from these progesterone supplements for awhile.  Maybe I'll perk up a bit for the 2nd trimester!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  Thanks for visiting.

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Anonymous said...

I love that color's so pretty and it goes really well with skirt.

Glad you found a dr. that will work..even if you do have to travel 4 hours..having the right care provider is so important.

Laura Pearl said...

You look so pretty--you're glowing!

Rebekah Es said...

Have been reading posts on the go and haven't had a chance to say congrats!! Read all the drama about getting the meds you needed, how hard! Glad things are looking up, you look absolutely beautiful!

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