Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Sunday)!

(written on Friday, but my photos wouldn't upload, so I'm posting on Sunday :)

--- 1 ---
Midnight blogging.  So I have about 100 things I should be doing right now.  #1 is sleeping, but I felt like writing.  So my dirty dishes, my empty boxes for packing, and my warm bed can wait a few minutes!  I'm in a sarcastic mood.  And I need an iPhone photo collage:

from top L-R: boys playing guitar, glad we cleaned under the beds before moving!, voting day, prolife rally on voting day.  Apple pie, now he can take off his top buckle, Ellie drew this for me when I was having a bad morning, Ellie and her feet at church playground.  T-ball game, starting to pack boxes, Ellie self portrait, watching a movie on the computer (maybe we'll get a TV screen when we move?).  I won't miss the terrazzo tile, MC self portrait, spaghetti night, and messy kitchen!

--- 2 ---
Old clothes.  I was reading Dwija's blog post  about her crusty sweater and commented about the few high school things I still have around the house.  I'll have to get some photos of my letter jacket and my rainbow polo shirt, yes I will!  Here's what I wrote:
What about crusty high school letter jackets? Anyone else have one of those hanging in your closet? I'm about to move again and am doing another big purge, but I can't seem to get rid of this thing! And it's not even leather but some kind of plasticky stuff! (Did you know plasticky is a real word on autocorrect?). I have also held onto a white polo with a rainbow collar from high school. Pretty sure it's a mens shirt. I once wore it unknowingly during gay pride week, with my rainbow WWJD bracelet. I can't let it go. It's a real Ralph Lauren polo! Then there's the closet full of crusty high school and college t-shirts; wonder how long those will survive! I mean can you wear a prom t-shirt to bed when you're 50?
--- 3 ---
Doctors :(  We hadn't seen a doctor since we moved here, but now all of a sudden we've needed to see about 4 of them in a matter of a couple weeks.  We had croup, then stomach virus, random pain, and possible UTI.  Then we have well-checks on the horizon!  Just for future reference, kids at age 4-5 who are peeing every 5 minutes and don't have pain or a fever may very well have what the doctor called "urinary frequency syndrome" which may be stress-related or a virus.  It should stop after about 2 weeks.

I had a feeling this was more of a psychological problem, but my pediatrician friend who is also a mom of 5 got me worried today, so we squeezed in for a doctor visit this afternoon.  Also for future reference, if you have a pain concerning enough to make an appointment for yourself, don't change it to a well-check just because the pain goes away.  Because, guess what?  The pain will come back worse than ever the very next day! Yep.  At least I found a doctor I can eliminate from my list of possibilities. Yep.  ~Signed, the pickiest doctor-chooser of the world who had a different OB for every one of her deliveries!

--- 4 ---
Stop committing!  Why do I do things like this?  I suggest a t-ball party when no one else does, and then offer to bring cupcakes but forget about it until the night before!  Why did I sign up for a Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange this week, where I need to make THIRTY TWO wooden apple ornaments during the exact time frame I need to be packing up my house and moving, plus celebrating Thanksgiving?  Brilliant, I tell you!

--- 5 ---
FIVE.  Yes five.  Five as in the time I need to wake up to get to 5:30am Zumba.  The novelty may be wearing off after 4 classes.  I love the dancing and have now found out that besides my friend teaching 2 early mornings a week, there's another fun teacher who teaches 2 other mornings at 5:30.  We even dance to "Gangham Style!"  But it is SOOOO early.  And I am soooo tired when I only get like 5 hours of sleep, and my body starts protesting.  My internal schedule is getting better though.  Except for tonight.  Hello 1:00am!  No weight loss yet, but that may be due to the fact that I'm not eating much better.  I was just eating a cup of Blue Bell Ice Cream from Sprouts, the "healthy" grocery store!  I think buying ice cream there must negate the healthful items you also bought.  I took a "before" picture of me the other day, and am hoping maybe I'll have enough improvement to show it with a better photo before the year is over!

--- 6 ---
Packing.  This is a lot of work.  I'm sure we should have some kind of method to this madness.  But instead we just do a little here and a little there.  I'm trying to organize and purge as I pack so that hopefully when we arrive at our new house we can just unpack and find everything ready to go.  This rental home will need quite a clean-up; we'll need to steam the carpets and maybe do something to the terrazzo tile (polish?).  We'll need to clean all the dead honeybee parts off the window near the side yard and the AC unit that sucked them up!  Hopefully we didn't do too much damage, but I may have spoken too soon as one of the kids just broke a part off of the lamppost in the front yard!  How much of the deposit will we get back?  That is the question.
--- 7 ---
Okay, back to packing.  Maybe I should tackle the laundry while I'm at it?

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Laura said...

You are awesome! I don't know how you are doing it all??? Thinking of you and praying for you during this very busy time!!!
xo, Laura

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