Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Motivation

Well, we had a pretty good first week of school.  We only did a few subjects each day, which I think was great for the kids to ease into it slowly.  I think we'll still do a modified schedule this week since I'm not quite up to going into full-blown teacher and schedule-mode.  I've been feeling a bit tired and moody the past few weeks, likely due to my attempt to wean and other hormonal changes going on (not pregnancy!).  Plus I've got a bit of the blues missing home and frustrated with the house search here.

The best part of our week was that our good friends, the kids' godparents, came and stayed with us on Thursday night before heading to a family beach vacation!  It was great to be together and to share a smidgeon of our life here with our friends.  Oh how I miss my friends!  I think this time of year it's especially hard because I've always started the school year in one place.  Now I'm far away from family and friends and we're spending lots of days at home before our fall activities start, and we're all just feeling kind of blue.  I'm going to try to make this a better week!

The best part of our weekend was hosting a big Back To School party Sunday night!  It was a fajita night and one friend taught us to make tortillas.  We had almost 50 people over here (6 families with 4 or more kids)!  I snapped a few pics, which I'll hopefully share soon.  I need to finish posting our beach trip pics and catch up with photos.  I've also got a huge iPhoto issue in that one of the kids must have accidentally moved all 28,000 of my pictures into the TRASH folder!  I can still see them but haven't been successful at moving them back.  Another goal for this week!  Better get to sleeping schedule has been horrible recently...

Goals from last week:
1. Start a few subjects of school!
2. Crafts-mousepad and clipboards
3. Print calendars and schedules
4. Finish buying curricula
5. Schedule well-checks
6. Register for dance and purchase new gear
7. Get in two workouts (Zumba and/or something else!)
8. Meals: Grill steak and chicken, Leftovers, Mac N Cheese with Grilled chicken, Pizza, Breakfast for dinner

Goals for this week:
1. Register for dance and purchase dance and baseball gear.
2. Try for ONE workout this week!
3. Get photos out of iPhoto trash folder!
4. Get up to date on blogging and start making books of my blog (hubby's order)
5. Schedule well-checks
6. Prep for Ellie back to piano this week.
7. Work on schedules and calendars
8. Start idea page for a fine arts class
9. Go to sleep before midnight (fail on Sunday!)
10. Meals: Leftovers, Leftovers, Pizza, breakfast for dinner, Spaghetti, pasta bake (going simple this week!)

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