Monday, September 05, 2011

Steven Joseph Update

Oh, where to begin?  Let's start with the big update.  His open heart surgery is scheduled.  September 22nd is the tentative date (the day after Thomas turns one!), unless he comes down with any kind of illness, or another very sick child needs to take his time slot.  So now instead of October, we are looking at doing this in about 2 1/2 weeks!

I can't really begin to explain my emotions about this.  I just ask you to please pray for me.  We had a wonderful weekend away visiting our new city, but now that we are home I just can't seem to stop thinking about it.  All the what-if's and the thoughts of what I would want to do if we only had 2 1/2 weeks left with our sweet boy... 

I know I shouldn't let my mind go there, so I'd like to start some prayer intentions.  Please send me any prayer requests.  Steven's risk level really is very low with this surgery, and we know so many other sick children and family members who need prayer.  I am resolving myself to "take it to Mary," to her who knows what a mother's heart feels like when you have to offer up your son's suffering.  And offering my anxieties up for others is the only other thing I know I can do.

So let's move onto some happy thoughts and updates!

Steven Joseph is 3 2/3, and is such the big boy!  His vocabulary and speech are very good for his age, and he says the funniest things!  He puts up with all the girly games his sisters play, but is totally all-boy.  He is always wanting to turn a stick-type object and ball-type object into a bat and ball.  He kicks, jumps, and climbs all over the place.  He is learning to write his name and is enjoying some of our little preschool activities.  This weekend he really enjoyed playing with a tiny set of dinosaurs I got him at the beach gift store, and even shared them with his sisters :-)

He loves us both, but definitely treasures his time with Daddy, especially when he gets to go to fun places like Home Depot or the sporting goods store.  He is very much looking forward to a special fishing trip with Steven in the next couple weeks.  I can't wait to sing "Happy Birthday" to him this December, and be able to look back and see how our strong boy made it past such a big hurdle in his little life.
Onto some pictures...
I'm not sure why I didn't get one of these sooner!  The little hand vacuum is the new favorite thing around here!  They can't wait for their turn to use it.  Steven Joseph has even been known to cut up scraps of paper just so he can vacuum it up ;-)

Here he is with his preschool group at the homeschool co-op.  They were so cute dancing to Tchaikovsky with scarves!

Then they had turns with instruments and he had the sticks.  He managed to get through the song without hurting anyone with them!  I was a little worried about him with sticks.

He has been having so much fun playing with the other little kids, especially some of the boys his age.  You can tell his little brother wants in on the fun too!

And now for a few iphone photos...
Our first day back to school and the girls were so excited about helping SJ with his preschool workbook!

One day Steven Sr. was watching some kind of archery tournament online, and SJ had to get out his own bow and arrow to practice.  He would shoot his at the very same time as the people online, and he was so proud!

And last but not least, he wanted to help me bake bread. I just LOVE the picture of his back with the shirt that says "In Charge" and his flour handprints on his bottom!

And a finale, his last little ditty, which starts like a song, but then turns into counting, and ends with the loss of his guitar pick.  Oh my precious boy!


Rich said...

I can relate with what you're going through. When our oldest was diagnosed with his life-threatening food allergies, I went through a stage where I felt so out of control.

Then I heard a talk about Mary and Jesus that changed my outlook. The speaker mentioned how Simeon had told Mary that a sword would pierce her heart. The speaker said that maybe Mary had an idea of her son's ultimate fate. Anyway, she went through each day of His life wondering if that was the day. He said, "Imagine when they realized the 13 year old Jesus was not in their caravan, and they finally found him in the temple preaching to the scribes. Maybe, during the search, Mary thought, 'Is this the day? Did they take him?'"

What I took from this talk is this: Mary went through the exact same feelings I was going through as a parent.

As much as I try to identify with Christ or God the Father, this is one area that I think Mary really shines: Faith in the face of uncertainty. God, the omniscient one, does not face uncertainty. He knows all. Mary, on the other hand, took each day as a leap of faith.

We are so blessed to have access to the best medical care in the world, and it sounds like your boy is in great hands. It sounds like the risks are super-low. Rejoice, and thank the Lord for this.

For all the rest, let Her be your guide. She has been there, and she will obtain the graces you need for this trial.

September 22 is our due date, BTW. It will be easy to remember to pray for your family.

As a guy, I sometimes find my attempts to comfort females with words to be off base. If so, please accept my apologies and delete my post. I'm still in-training with my wife.

Melissa D. said...

We will be praying for you all and SJ. I adore his guitar playing!!

Elizbaeth said...

Many prayers coming you way sweet friend!!

Elizabeth said...

Your way :-)

Alishia said...

I will pray for you. Will you please pray for me: I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This is the second cancer in less than five years and I'm only 36. I need peace about what treatments to submit to and grace to deal with the anxiety about those decisions. Thanks!

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