Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I'm getting nothing done...

My poor little guy has just been miserable the past couple weeks. I finally realized that along with this bottom tooth, he has also cut a top tooth. Then the other 2 front teeth are coming soon! Both the boys have colds this week. Steven Joseph has a croupy cough and some low-grade fevers, and Tommy is just congested, coughy, and fussy.

Today I sat with them in the car while the girls were in ballet class. At one point they were both fussing and both in my lap in the front seat of the car! I was filled with that overwhelming sense of gratitude for my two little boys, as well as that overwhelming sense...of being totally overwhelmed at the needs of all my kids!

After about a handful of attempts to put Thomas to bed tonight, here at almost 1:00 am I was finally able to put him in bed without him waking up. But SJ is coughing and still feels a little warm even after giving him meds. I give it less than 5 minutes until somebody needs me!

And that's how my life is these days. As soon as I start the dishes, start a lesson, put the wash in the dryer, start a blog entry, or even go to the bathroom, I am beckoned from someone in desperate need of my attention! It's exhausting but joyful all at the same time. Today all 4 of them were climbing on and off my lap and my chair while I was reading a bible story to them. For awhile it made me feel so loved, but then it just started getting on my nerves! Give me some space, kiddos!

But in going through these minor illnesses and needs of my attention, I am always reminded of how precious and unpredictable is the health of our children. Our sweet newborn niece, Arden Rosalie who is 3 weeks old, is currently in the NICU while they have been trying to regulate her abnormally high heart-rate. Please offer a little prayer for her healing!

These days with small children are numbered. These sands are falling through the hourglass and I will never have them back again. And so I try my hardest to be what I can, which is never enough, but with God's help I pray that I can continue to try to meet the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of each of these children. Every day with them is a gift, and I will try to treasure these sweet non-toothless smiles forever!


Elizabeth said...

What a nice reminder of these days! I feel exactly the same way and I only have 2!!! Prayers for your niece, keep us updated.

theresa EH said...

Dear Blair...
I understand that those little blessings are a handful, and it would be really nice for you to have some "mommy" time for just you...BUT the time will come when your footsteps will echo thru that house of yours that are empty of little ones!!

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