Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This morning's joys

~A toddler who woke up too early, crying, but was satisfied by a banana and a sippy cup of water, and drifted back into dreamland, allowing me...

~A shower without interruption!

~An eldest daughter who woke up and instead of whining at me to make breakfast or sneaking onto some electronic device, she sat by the window of the (newly cleaned) schoolroom and drew pictures while mommy slept a little longer.

~A man from our city hall who came over to try to solve the problems with our (free city-wide wi-fi) internet connection. Not sure if it's solved, but we're closer at least...

~And last but not least, an eldest daughter who FINISHED her Math-U-See Alpha book! We completed the appendix lessons on the clock and filled out the certificate that she is done with math, yay! Now she is helping her younger sister work on her math workbook :-)

~It's also a "beautiful day in the neighborhood" and we have the back door open to enjoy the fresh air.

Hope you had some special joys this morning!

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