Monday, April 26, 2010

American Girl Place

We celebrated Ellie's 5th Birthday with a special Girls' Weekend to Dallas! Too bad my camera seems to have died, so fuzzy iPhone photos will have to do!

Off we went with the generous Aunt Mary who was so kind to drive us all weekend. Thank you so much, Mary! The boys back home had a great time with outings to the pool, an Astros game, and Mass. Apparently SJ hardly even realized we were gone!

Here are the girls at the famous Buc-ee's rest stop, with a nice friendly Native American!

We arrived at Aunt Pam's house on Saturday afternoon and the girls went straight to her pool! They had a blast swimming in the hot tub, and trying out the frigid pool a few times. The girls start swim team tomorrow, so they'll have to get used to the chilly water! They got dressed and proceeded to try on all sorts of old costumes and cheer uniforms of their cousin. Then at one point Mary Clare fell back into the pool with her clothes on while trying to watch the pool cleaner! Poor thing!

Pam made us a delicious Lasagna dinner and we had a nice time hanging out while the girls watched movies. We got up for 9:00 mass and then came back to load up and head to the American Girl store. Thanks to the generous Aunt Pam for always hosting us during our trips to Dallas!

We had reservations at the restaurant which was quite a fun experience for the girls. The dolls got to sit in a special chair at the table with their own little menus!

Here are the girls at the table

Ellie with doll Elizabeth

Mary Clare with doll Emily

and cousin Emily with Kirsten!

Mary Clare with my Aunt Marilyn (NeNe's sister), who was so sweet to drive up. We were sad that NeNe and PaPa could not make it because PaPa has been under the weather. We'll have to go back again with them! I didn't get pictures of Aunts Mary and Pam (Steven's sisters).

Ellie with her and her doll's AG t-shirts from Aunt Pam

Me with my sweet girlies!

They brought Ellie her cookie with a candle in whipped cream and everyone sang to her. Here she is recreating the candle blow-out since I was video-taping the singing.

My girls with their dolls

After some fun shopping for all sorts of doll paraphernalia from violins to bunny rabbits, here are the girls ready to head back home!

What a fun girly weekend we had! Happy Birthday to my sweet Ellie, the big 5 year-old!!!


Jill said...

Yay! What fun!!
Brings back memories of our trip to the AG store this summer. The cafe is such fun (and the food is actually yummy!).
Have you indulged in the hairstyle for the dolls yet? ;)
I have not been able to fork out the money for that...but maybe someday!

Sounds like a great girlie weekend with lots of fabulous family members making it even better.

Blair said...

We did have a really fun time, but no we didn't indulge in the hair styling for the dolls :) I'm pretty good at it myself and did double french braids for Ellie's doll as well as for Ellie and cousin Emily for the day!

And my spinach-stuffed chicken breast was really yummy :) The other adult salads looked tasty too! Definitely a fun place for a girls' outing, but definitely glad it's not in my city, LOL!

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