Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook Finds

a Valentine Brunch with my high school gals!

The internet can sure be a time-sucker, and some worry that sites like Facebook can be addicting as well as unsafe. But I'm just thankful to be able to stay in touch with so many of my old friends! A few weeks ago I had lunch with some old friends from elementary school, and this weekend got to visit with my high school buddies.

Saturday was a fun Valentine brunch hosted by one of my good friends from high school who has spent the past 14 years since graduation living all over the country, but is now back in town for a while. The rest of us have settled in the area and boast 11 children, including 2 in-utero.

It was great to get out for a morning away (thanks for babysitting, Mom and Dad!) and to spend time sharing stories these old friends. We went around the table to share what we'd been doing for the past 14 years since graduation. We looked through old photos and reminisced about memories from our high school days.

Thanks, ladies for a fun reunion, hope we can have many more over the years! I'm so blessed to call you all friends.

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Jill said...

Love it! You are a beautiful group of ladies!!

I, too, have a little group of 8 gals from high school that still get together when we can. Most of them live in the same area...although one is in Colorado, and me here in Europe. We managed this summer to get all of us together for a big reunion with the kids. (We are so dorky we call ourselves the 'Krew' and our kids are the 'Mini Krew.') We've got 16 Mini Krew members, plus 2 in-utero right now...we have a running joke that one of us has always been pregnant for the last 7+ years. When someone delivers a baby we speculate who might be pregnant. ;)

Anyway, it's so great to have girlfriends that share a common past, and facebook (for all of its time suck qualities) has been nice for keeping in touch.

Also love the photos of the kids painting!

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