Saturday, November 14, 2009

a little update on nana and kelly's sale

(or maybe a long update!)

Well, my grandma proves her strength once again! Apparently she is improving, and from what I understand, the doctor even mentioned that she could live another 3-6 months! After what seemed like a very dire situation this morning, her heart-rate improved and the medications for her pneumonia seem to be helping. We'll see what God has in store for her!

My family is full of long lives. My other grandparents lived until early-80s, 93, and 93 and they all have a tendency to receive dire prognoses and end up being taken on and off of hospice care a few times. Nana is 94 and maybe we'll even get to see her again before her earthly days are complete.


The garage sale was a HUGE success! We raised thousands for the precious boys and had a fun (albeit exhausting) time! Our entire parish and community of Kelly's friends really came together to make this a great sale. I know I always rave about our homeschool group, but it really is like a family and we had a blast with dozens of families coming over on and off throughout the past several days. I only wish I would've gotten some pictures.

Our days have been filled with dirty kids running in and out of the house, playing with all the garage sale toys, and enjoying time with all their friends. Air hockey and pizza in the front yard, toddlers playing baby basketball in the driveway, girls playing dolls in the backyard, dads negotiating with buyers and doing deliveries, and teens helping the moms out with pricing. Lots of fun memories were made :) You know who you are, friends...from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing these days with me.

But I'll see a cleared driveway, hear a quiet house, and have kids bathed and in bed before 8:00...It feels really good! And I'm thrilled about all my garage sale finds, including some very special items from Kelly that will bring me and my family so many smiles.

Oh how I wish she was still here, sharing this fun with us! But I know she's laughing with us from up above. The communion of saints is becoming very real to me, that's for sure! Thank you for all who've been praying for us. I feel truly lifted today!


Neen said...

It was a wonderful day!! Thanks for hosting. I will try to shoot you over some pictures when I upload them. I only got a few. It was so much fun.

Lillian said...

Yoohoo!! How wonderful!!! Sylina told me the garage sale was huge and had monay wonderful finds! I'm so happy so much was raised for the boys!!! Would have loved to have been a part of it!!

candyspirit said...

Nana was holing her own yesterday. Poor sweet Nana, she is so little and frail. Her chest is clear the Dr. says but heart rate is very slow. My sisters and I brought holy cards, a rosary and some flowers and I think it cheered her up. She was not talking which is very unusual for her, and seems like a little child in awe of her 3 daughters standing by her bedside. Her strong Irish Catholic faith is the most precious gift she gives all of her family. We pray God keeps her safe these next few weeks.
Love, Your Mom.

Lindsey said...

I'm SO GLAD the sale was a big success. I was worried that you were taking it all on by yourself but I told myself that you HAD to have lots of help. It sounds like you had wonderful help from your amazing homeschooling group!! :)

God bless your Nana!

Now, rest this week, Blair. :)

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