Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 Quick Takes!

1. We survived the stomach bug. 2 1/2 days of every family member puking at some point was not much fun for anyone. At least it was a quick virus; less than 24 hours and we were all feeling much better :) I've got a barking cough, which will hopefully bark its way out of my body soon, but hopefully we can stay healthy for the upcoming week of road trips.

2. Laundry. Although the washer is backing up, I've been able to slowly complete probably 20 loads of laundry this week. I've got about 2/3 of it (and the past few weeks' laundry) folded all around the living room. Hope to finish that tomorrow!

3. I've been making healthy fruit smoothies! One of my many purchases from Kelly's things. It's being put to great use!

4. Another wonderful find at the sale...A set of white stoneware. I love it! Today I packed up our old set of dishes and am working on getting the stoneware put into the cabinets. Can't wait to serve dinner on them! Aren't they beautiful?

5. Ellie got a new car seat this week! Brother and Sister are a tad jealous.

I have pondered this decision for many months. Steven Joseph's Britax Roundabout was expired, so he is moving to Ellie's Britax Marathon. Mary Clare is in a Britax Parkway. As you can tell, I really love the Britax seats. They are very safe, sturdy, and easy to use. But I wasn't ready to fork over the money for a Frontier which is very similar but nearly double the price of her new Nautilus. Hopefully it works out well for us and should last her until she's out of a car seat!

6. This was hilarious. Daddy was working on the washer and SJ was walking around with a stethoscope around his waist, hammer in one hand, and light saber in the other. Such a big helper!

I also have to give "props" to my husband who is such a smart and handy guy and always tries to fix things himself first! That washer will be back to normal soon! (Now the heater is next on the agenda...)

7. About Nana, thank you for your prayers. As far as I know, as of late Thursday night, my grandmother is still hanging on. She was given a prognosis of a day or so, over a day she is fighting hard. Another feisty woman who actually survived breast cancer herself. We are praying for a peaceful death, for my mom and her siblings who are losing their final parent, and for all of us as we prepare for a likely Thanksgiving week trip out of town for her funeral, as well as our already scheduled big trip out of state for Steven's family's Thanksgiving reunion. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all! EDIT--Nana passed peacefully around 11pm last night.

Road trip advice for small children appreciated!

Read more Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary! And have a fabulous Friday!


Debbie said...

Oh praying for your family and your grandmother.

When our kids were little the thing that would drive us crazy was them asking "how long until we get there?" We figured that they needed a visual of how long. We would take along these interconnecting link things (I think they came from Discovery Toys) with links totaling the number of hours that we would be on the road. When an hour would pass I would take off a link and when they asked how long I would hold up the chain and have them count the links so they could tell themselves.

Colleen said...

I'm so glad that you are all feeling better!!

Love that stoneware. What a great find!

I'm continuing to pray for the peaceful passing of your grandmother and for comfort for you and your family as you grieve. May God bless you all!

Tracy C. said...

Praying for your Nana.

Oh, I have that same set of dishes!

I remember 'meeting' you a few years ago on the 4 real board. So nice to visit your blog.

Melissa D. said...

so sorry to hear about your grandmother. May peace be with you all.

Love the picture of SJ with the stethoscope tool betl.

Elizabeth said...

Thinking of you!!! Prayers for your entire family.

Love the new dishes! We also have a Natulus in Chad's car and LOVE it! I bought it during the Babies R Us trade in sale, so we got 20% off and traded with our really old Britax. :-) I really hope they do that again.

barb said...

I'll be praying for you.

Take a potty with you. You can stop anywhere, anytime, for anything.

Anonymous said...

Sincere condolences on the passing of your granny. I am praying for her soul... for your mom... for all the family.

Hopefully we'll get to talk before you go out of town.

Peace of Christ,

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you took those plates! I was eyeing those myself! And I love Ellie's new car seat- very girly. :-)

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