Monday, October 12, 2009

A Fun Birthday Gift

A good friend turned 6 this weekend. We decided to make him a little wooden box and some special saints! Last Thursday we had painting day...we all went wild on the plastic patio table in the backyard, everyone was covered in craft paint (especially the baby!), and then the kids enjoyed cooling off in the hose. It's so much fun to work together to make gifts for those special people like precious Joseph :)

The girls helped me paint the box blue. I printed out the words so I could draw them nicely. Added a white border to give some contrast.

We put the saints in!

Painted the inside gold, to hold...

Joseph, Mary, Francis and Clare!

We're having so much fun with our painted saints, and I hope Joseph does too!


Jill said...

That is the greatest birthday gift ever. Seriously! Would you mind e-mailing me (or reposting the link) about where you got the idea, and how to paint each saint, where you get those little pegs, etc? Thanks so much! You are talented.

mkelly said...

LOVE this idea for a gift...I may have to steal this idea from you too! I painted this week and got up to St. George. I'm LOVING this little project. And my girls have been learning patience as they "share" St.Anne this week! Next week when we add St. Bernadette they'll each have one to play with!

Neen said...

I love these little guys. How cool this gift really is. Tell you kiddos that Mrs. T has a birthday in Feb. They look so cool! Great job.

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