Monday, October 19, 2009

Farm Fotos

7:00 am Mass makes for an early morning, but provides the opportunity to head out to our friends' beautiful acreage on a gorgeous day...

love this one. stevens. cows. pretty trees. bird flying. peace.

checking it out

L-R: enriquito (5), gerardito (3), ellie (4), steven joseph (21mos), mary clare (6), and fernandito (21mos), and in a few months little santiago (due in jan.) will join the group!

took a fun ride in the back of the truck all around the property,
this is a look from the way back in the pecan orchard

lots of serious things for these farmers to check out
how is the grass growing?

what is in these cow patties?

are the deer feeders still full?

not sure what my husband was doing climbing up this tree!
i think he was checking out a deer stand

kids watching the dads

and of course, another recount of the fishing

sj was totally obsessed with holding the fishing rod
he would go absolutely berserk if anyone else held the princess rod!
his first catch!

ellie always catches the big ones!

of course my girls will not even put a finger on the fish
(i guess i won't either!)
they were the only ones at a reptile birthday later on in the day who wanted no part in getting anywhere near the lizards, snakes, or crocodiles!

ah, but enriquito is the brave boy!

we're so excited that our friends are moving back! and what fun it will be to watch them build their home on this property. can't wait to share some new memories with you guys, veronica and enrique! thanks for letting us in on all the fun!

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veronica said...

Looking forward to new memories, too :)

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