Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend in Photos

warning: photo HEAVY!

park on friday, only got one good photo of the girls pushing CL on the swing :)

off to little way farm!
the girls fishing with gerardito

enriquito in a peaceful pose

mary clare trying to wrangle a fish

sj just wanted to hold a fishing rod at all times!
but was a bit frustrated that it didn't work right!

daddy helping ellie

"driving" the gator

she caught one!

biggest catch, a perch!

mc and enriquito ready for a bonfire

saturday morning swim meet
papa with steve-o

mc ready for the race!

donuts, yum!
(he didn't eat this whole thing if you were wondering :)

ellie hanging out at the meet on her polka dot chair
she decided she'll wait until next "yerr" to try a swim meet

all the spectators there to watch mc swim!

sunday afternoon ballerina tea party!
all the sweet homeschooled girls all ballerina-d up!

learning the dance

dancing with egg shakers!

the daddies doing what they do during a girly party

sj enjoying the swing

tea time!

the beautiful place settings with embroidered napkins!

all the girls

yummy chocolate cake!

sweet sips of tea

a fun weekend was had by all.
i'm still recovering.

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Lerin said...

Photo heavy posts are my favorite! :)

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