Thursday, June 04, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

a night "early" since I've been lax on blogging this week! Things should settle down in mid-June as we finish physical therapy, ballet, and swim team...I'm looking forward to a laid-back summer!

Trains, trains, and trains!
We have a little friend coming over one or two days a week while his mom works, and he is teaching us all about the Thomas the Train characters! The kids had a blast playing trains the other day.

Steven Joseph is all about water bottles right now. And he loves to throw them at me, yikes! He's got an arm, that's for sure! He's also into hitting and slapping. Neither ignoring nor addressing it seems to help, he just gets a sly grin and tries again. Hopefully this is a phase?

Swimming update:
MC is still enjoying her days at the pool; love this shot of her watching Ellie's group practice.

and here's Ellie watching her big sister's group taking turns swimming across the deep end. Today Ellie actually jumped off the blocks, and then off the diving board!!! Of course I forgot my camera :( She's considering swimming in the meet this Saturday; we'll see what happens...

Look at this Jack-O-Lantern mouth! Mary Clare lost her 7th tooth the other day. Then she subsequently lost the lost tooth in her room and was very upset about it. Daddy to the rescue, though! He located it on the windowsill. But the tooth fairy still keeps forgetting to come...hopefully she'll make it tonight!

Last night we had an informational night for our homeschool group and I gave a little talk (on having an eclectic approach). Steven kept the kids on the playground and then we walked around the church and had a little prayer time. Here's SJ on the altar

and wishing he could jump in the holy water font

his newest favorite thing to do is climb the outdoor fountain and try to splash his hands in it. I will be very surprised if he doesn't fall in there one of these days!

he was mad his sisters were holding him while I tried to take this picture; he just wanted to play in the water!

(ran out of photos!)
I am addicted to Blue Bell Cookies & Cream ice cream. I guess I haven't bought it in awhile, but when I went to HEB earlier this week they were 2/$5.20 (I think it was mismarked) which is an amazing price for Blue Bell! I can't stop eating it. It's making me salivate just thinking about it. Sooooo good.

I'm declaring our kindergarten year over. And I'll be posting soon about my analysis of the year and plans for next year. Hopefully I'll get to that this weekend. Hope you have a fun one!


Jill said...

regarding #2...
Henry is in the same stage! He thinks it's a funny game. In fact, I leaned in to give him a kiss while he was sitting in the front of the cart on a recent trip to the grocery store and he slapped me across the face! (And then leaned in to kiss and hug me. I'm sure everyone thinks we are strange.)
Now he actually will make a little fist and punch as well. I've tried ignoring/scolding and I don't know what the best approach is. Unfortunately any approach is out the door because I have actually laughed a few times. :)

It will be interesting to hear about your Kindergarten year. I really love hearing about homeschooling families even though we are not one.

Neen said...

I think you did a great job at your talk the other night. Thank you very much. I loved learning how you came to homeschooling. I am so thankful that your husband was willing to have the kiddos around. Looking out the window and seeing them was so fun. They are such happy children.

Good luck at the pool tomorrow. The first time a swimmer goes is always the hardest (on mom and the swimmer). I hope she goes.

Boys are so aggressive. It is so different than girls. They push and shove and punch to find out who they are. I remember being shocked when my Bear started attacking me, and it was out of affection. I have tried to direct it to certain times when I am ready and never can they hit. I punish for that right away. Punish is the wrong word, more like, "No don't hit mommy, you can grab and kiss me but no hitting." This is while I dramatically grab the little boy and give him forceful mommy kisses on the cheek. Eventually it works. The process hurts though. Little Jumba is doing it now also. Normal, painful but one of the joys of a boy.

Andrea said...

Oh...I love Blue Bell ice cream! I miss it here in Colorado and always make sure that I can get a fix when we're in town!!!
I'm looking forward to your kindergarten post!
I'm also very impressed with your girls' swimming skills! When did they learn to swim? I'm just now putting my older girls in lessons. I have such a fear of children and water, I think I'm holding them back!
Great post!

Blair said...

Andrea-just got the homeschool post up! Hope it's helpful!

MC took lessons when she was 4 and really started to master swimming alone last year, although she wasn't quite confident with taking breaths.

Ellie wasn't swimming by herself at all until 2 weeks ago. Last yr she just used a life jacket.

Swim team is the way to's like getting very cheap lessons and very good instruction! Ellie has pretty much had private lessons the past 2 weeks!

Stephanie said...

Two for $5.20?! That's amazing! We stocked up when they were 2 for $6.00, there's four half gallons in my freezer right now.... Yummy...

I am so sad I missed the home school night at STAOP. I really hope y'all decide to do it again next year, maybe I can have Ryan agree to come too... :-)

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