Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

The day in pictures...

Sunday morning mass

Dolls and baskets ready for waiting kids!

Spending lots of time in the car
Wow, they did actually eat something healthy yesterday!

Smiling gal in her cowmoo booster

A typical "Car-Ellie" with blankey

Egg hunt at Aunt Mary's

He figured it all out this year!

Cousins minus the napping triplets

His first golf clubs from PaPa

A new badminton game

My sweet ball boy

And a good night's sleep for all,
including the dolls in their new beds from NeNe!

Hope your Easter was truly blessed! May this new season bring JOY and HOPE to all of you!
If you could, please say a quick "Ave" for a very special intention.


ViolinMama said...

Ave said! And, GORGEOUS family and kids!!! I loved looking at everything! Have a fantastic week and happy Easter!!!!

Lerin said...

Ave for you... and thanks for sharing more photos of your gorgeous family. :) Happy Easter!

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