Thursday, April 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

I love 7 quick takes. I can share all the random pics of the week!

SJ enjoying a favorite toy--toilet paper!

Baby brigade at our homeschool group bbq

Steven Sr. leading the pack in some sort of ball-throwing game with Steven Jr watching intently. I won't say whether or not S Sr. started this party leading a golf club activity and hit a ball into someone's back yard...

Ellie on her birthday opening her new mermaid doll, Emma

and being a little shy when the Red Robin employees sang to her

funny she was shy then, because the rest of the day she was telling everyone that it was her birthday!

One of our favorite places right now, the physical therapy waiting room! The kids are always showered with treats and love from the staff and other patients, being the only kids around (they mostly work with elderly patients). They were given cookies in this picture; yesterday it was cheese and grapes!

What my kitchen sink always seems to look like. Is it just me?

My goal is to have another picture of this before bed tonight for #7!!!

edited at 1:00am to add:
My clean kitchen sink. Flylady is right about how a clean sink makes you feel! Although it sure looks lonely compared to the bright afternoon picture!

You'll notice that I added a couple items on the counter to share some good finds today at the "99 Cents Only" store. Strawberries and sunglasses, both at 99 cents only! We've already eaten one carton of strawberries and Steven and I both got a much needed pair of sunglasses (mine were originally priced at $26.99 at K-Mart! And they also had some from Kohl's). I know where I'll be buying my sunglasses from now on. I always get the $1 ones, but this place had the best selection ever!

And I won't say whether or not I pushed a few (well 3 exactly) things out of the way to take this picture...


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Hey Blair, we were first tonight on Conversion Diary. :) Glad to read about you and your lovely kids. And no, you're not the only one with a messy sink, but I love the JOY that is there, too. :)

Jaime (ChaseNKids) said...

I love FlyLady! Love your blog. I'm glad to find it! You have a great looking family!

Stephanie said...

It made me feel so much better to see your sink's before picture. That's how ours looks most of the time as well.

Lael said...

No - it is definitely not just you! I am always at least 1/2 to 1 load of dishes behind. (huh...what's that? you mean they can be washed by hand?? shhhh.) Your after picture looks great. I like FlyLady's next advice better - put on shoes first thing in the morning or something like that.

Lerin said...

You are brave to share your kitchen sink photo! I go through cycles of having a constantly full sink one week, and a sparkling one another week. No consistency here!

Holly Rutchik said...

The kitchem sink is too funny! Kudos to you for finishing it--one in the monrning seems to be the only time I can get around to the kitchen business as well! Love the blog--God's Blessings!

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