Thursday, March 05, 2009

Zippity ZOO da!

My brother and his wife and baby are in town from California.
We decided to take a little outing with them to the zoo!

Here are all the kids, ready for an afternoon at the zoo!
Perfect timing; we got there just before 2, when all the schools were leaving!

Me and my kiddos


Addison checking out the Meerkats

Leopard yawning

the new baby giraffe!

The elephant exhibit isn't quite the same
without baby Mac :(

they loved the Komodo dragon!

This huge male orangutan was hilarious!
The zookeeper was throwing fruit and veggies for him to catch!

Uncle Brice helped me corral Stevie

getting behind the ropes to dig in the mulch
right before I got in trouble by the security guard!

MC and Addi

Brice and his babygirl checking out the zebras

and the sea lion finale! What a fun afternoon!

Please send up a little prayer for my brother as he heads back to CA and soon after to leave for a tour overseas with the Navy. And for his wife (who managed to dodge the cameras in all these pics!) and little Addi as they spend these months with my parents, awaiting his return. May God bless all those who nobly serve our great country!


candyspirit said...

We miss Brice already. What a nice day for the cousins and what wonderful snapshots you took of the animals.
Love, Ne Ne

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a memory-making day with cousins!

Good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind the post on FB, should have looked here first ;-) Brice will be in our prayers!

Lerin said...

Great photos!!! :)

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