Monday, March 02, 2009

Thrift Store Score!

On Friday, I took the kids out to run a few errands. I'd been wanting to go to an area thrift store, and boy was I glad I did! They were clearing out to close the next day and re-stock with new inventory, so when I arrived that afternoon it was "THREE (big brown) grocery bags for $1"!!!! Yes, that's 3 bags for a DOLLAR! There wasn't much left, but we grabbed what we could. In the end I left with 8 bags and a few other things I didn't bother to put in a bag. Grand total=$3.19!!!!

Here's the corner where everything got dropped

the stuff a little more organized

a bunch of clothes, I bought a few things just for the fabric

curtains, pillowcases, etc for sewing

lots of throw pillows to re-cover!

some artwork, a mini trash can and wooden tray

a wreath and some flowers for future use

a fun Americana calendar
I already cut out a flag from inside
and put in one of these frames
and put a photo in the other one.
Who needs glass in your frames?
It just breaks anyway!

I didn't find him, or these clothes at the thrift store
but added the pic of the beautiful sweater and hat
that was made with love by my talented Aunt Maria!

Moral of the story: go check your area thrift stores before they clear out for spring inventory! Hope you've had a magnificent Monday! We're doing great and looking forward to the doctor visit in the morning to get an update on Mary Clare's progress!

1 comment:

Lerin said...

WOW... a dollar?!? Good job! What a score!

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