Monday, September 08, 2008

Funday Sunday

Steven has become the "fishing guide" for all our friends :) We spent a few hours at the park on Sunday afternoon, fishing and having fun!

The girls fishing

Daddy caught a big bass--1.2 pounds!

I think this was Steven Joseph's first time to sit outside and play. He was a little apprehensive but had fun putting things in his mouth! I'm sure he'll have a blast camping this weekend. Mommy isn't looking forward to chasing him around and fishing things out of his mouth though!

And here's a video of our big boy who just learned to walk with his little walker toy last night!


candyspirit said...

I love the home school especially the Journals (whattreasures), the fishing, Steven Joseph's walking, seeing the ballet classes and all the rest. Such a fun time in all our lives!
Love, Ne Ne

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, Stevie's on the go!!! Homeschooling is looking so fun this Fall, way to go Mama! I just keep thinking how awesome it is that you are documenting all of this. The kids are going to enjoy reading all of this so much when they are older!

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