Sunday, September 07, 2008

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Our Saturday!

A special gift painted by the girls

He picked up breakfast for us! The best donuts on the planet!

We went to a high school football game tonight at the brand new stadium much fun! And our friend K and her boys were there! Steven Joseph wore his camo outfit from Grampatti in honor of the birthday boy!

Ellie was wide-eyed at this whole event! And here she's clutching her blanket. Before we went to the game she said "Mommy I not doing football? I do it when I get bigger?" and "Daddy is going to do it."

MC is just growing up before my eyes! One of her top teeth is loose. I think she'll be toothless for Christmas!

Going to a high school football game brought back so many memories. Hanging out in the stands with friends, and my years on the drill team...

The band was great! In fact, the director used to direct our middle school band. The middle school band I changed my mind on, after I was already accepted for percussion. I decided to do "FAPA" (Fine Arts Practical Arts) for my elective, where we had a different elective each 6 weeks...woodworking, homemaking, choir, theatre arts, etc. I still regret that decision. I wish I could play an instrument and read music and I think I would've loved band. Okay, no regrets, right?

And I keep forgetting about my new tab rule! I've done too many other things while writing this. And how is it 1am already? My my. Well, we had a wonderful day celebrating Steven's birthday. Hope everyone is having a fun weekend! And here's to another great year, Steven!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, picture all of us singing (but try to imagine that we are not off-key)
"...Happy Birthday to Steven... Happy Birthday to you!"
and that second verse too: "We're glad God made you...
We're glad God made Steven!"

And may He bless you with many more!!!
Love from The Kloesels

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