Thursday, August 28, 2008


(I wrote this after a drive to Adoration last night where I had a flashback to my high school days, driving around the area I now call home, without a care in the world!)

Cruising in my white sports car
Hair blowing in the wind
Not a care in the world
But for the crush
And next week's biology test

Out with the girls until night's wee hours
Going no place
Thinking of no one but myself
And the crush
And the next school dance
Oh, the "freedom"!

Bouncing out of the dorm
Facing a brand new day
Smell the fresh air
Biking cross campus
Hair blowing in the wind
Setting goals
Finding Christ
Maybe I am going somewhere

Sitting in that field
Speaking to You
Begging for that love
That crush
Wanting nothing but the life I now live
Chained to the desires of my heart

A car full of car seats
Cries and whines
Dripping ice cream cones
Blankeys and books
Dolls and drawings
My mind is everywhere but here
Friends and finances
Children to teach
Bills to pay
Cleaning to do
Running a household isn't quite what I dreamed

And yet you know it's exactly what I need
Stretching my arms, my legs, my mind,
My heart
Nothing is mine anymore
Not even them
The little souls you've placed in my arms
It is all yours
Me and him and them and everything
And that's how it should be
Because here is where
I find freedom.


Shelly said...

really beautiful! i love it :o)

candyspirit said...

I love all your peoms, Sissy!

Love Mom

candyspirit said...

oops poems!

veronica said...

Lovely, Blair.

kelly said...

That was very touching!

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