Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally some pictures,

thanks to my friend Beverly, and the generous Methodist church nearby that has a nice little storytime, a yummy cafe, and a huge FREE indoor playland for rainy days! We had a fun time on Tuesday, and thanks for the pics, Bev!

lunch with the K family!

crafts at the storytime

Ellie and Joseph had a fun time together!

so did Mommy and Stevie!

Mary Clare sliding with Steven Joseph, see him looking to me for reassurance!

Pulling up on the alligator

Kids posing on the alligator

And the most beautiful baby girl around here, our Goddaughter Cecilia!

And for good measure, our beautiful California girl, our Goddaughter and niece Addison

And well, I can't forget Steven's Godson, our nephew Major!

Do we have cute Godkids or what?

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