Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Day 3

This was the big day!

Started off watching cartoons in the morning before checking out of the hotel.

Loving the zoom lens!

Headed to a nearby hotel for the breakfast buffet, mmmmm! Here are the girls outside

Stevens outside the hotel

Then we made it over to Lillian and Craig's and had an evening excursion to SeaWorld! Here are the kids anxious and ready!

The sea lion show


Mary Clare riding the "paint cans" (teacup-type ride) with Isabelle and Sophia

Steven and Ellie on the Ferris Wheel

Steven and the kids having fun!



Checking out Shamu up close after the show

Yes, Mommy and Stevie were really there...just not feeling so great

Let's call it a night!

1 comment:

Lillian said...

What a fun day!! We had a great time with ya'll and can't wait to do it again!!

You might want to have BOL look into siging up (as a group) for Fiesta Texas tickets. Each student plus teacher gets one free ticket. This year we got 4 tickets and only have to buy 2 (for Craig and Kolbe). But it has to be done as a group, I think.

It would be worthwhile for many of you if you're willing to come down to SA. Sorta like a summer field trip!!

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